Excel Reporting

open-source Open-source module
tapir-extensions-reporting-excel is an open-source module which is hosted at tapir-extensions. Feel free to contribute!
Note that this module uses the Apache Poi library, which means that the licenses of Apache Poi apply, when you use them.

This module contains a reporting listener which writes an Excel report about the test execution. To use it, you simply need to add it as Maven dependency.




As many other tapir modules, it contains an auto configuration, which means that it is already executed once it is part of the classpath. The execution listener has an order of 7000, which is equal to the Allure listener. Specify the output directory for the export with the property rapid.reporting.excel.outputDirectory. If you want the report to show step parameters, set the property rapid.reporting.excel.displayStepParameters to true. In this case it is recommended to use a custom labeled data container with singleLine set to true.