Reporting Base

open-source Open-source module
tapir-extensions-reporting-base is an open-source module which is hosted at tapir-extensions. Feel free to contribute!

This module contains an implementation of tapir’s execution listener, which can be used as a base for concrete reporting classes. To use it, you simply need to add it as Maven dependency.




tapir’s default implementations use either frameworks which have to be notified about each event (JUnit) or have an internal model, which stores the events (Allure). However, some people might want to develop reporting listeners which simply convert the resulting execution at the end into a report instead of listening to each single execution event. The tapir extensions reporting base provides the AbstractBaseReportingListener class which collects all the events during the execution. The concrete implementation of this class is informed after the execution and is provided with tapir’s execution plan and a mapping to retrieve information about the execution.