General Properties

Implicit wait time

In case of using Selenium the implicit wait time is passed to org.openqa.selenium.WebDriver.Timeouts.implicitlyWait(long, TimeUnit). Additionally the WaitExtensions rely on this value.

Property Info Description
implicitWaitTime 5,000 ms Implicit wait time (in ms).


From time to time you need to establish a HTTP connection from your tapir tests. If you have to use a HTTP proxy, tapir provides some properties to configure the connection.

Property Info Description   Specifies the proxy host
http.proxy.port Default: 3128 Specifies the proxy port
http.proxy.user Optional Specifies the proxy user for authentification
http.proxy.password Optional Specifies the proxy password for authentification
http.proxy.nonproxyhosts Optional Specifies for which hosts the proxy should be bypassed
The configuration only affects connections established by the tapir Java Virtual Machine. The web browsers (except HtmlUnit) have their own proxy configurations.


Property Info Description
locale.language java.util.Locale.getDefault Specifies the locale language Optional Specifies the locale country
locale.variant Optional Specifies the locale variant
dateformat Derived from locale in java.time.format.FormatStyle.MEDIUM Specifies the date format pattern following java.time.format.DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern(String)