Introducing tapir

tapir is a framework to develop maintainable GUI tests. It’s name is an acronym for “Test API against Regression”. Some of its core principles are:

  • Don‘t reinvent the wheel 
    tapir builds on established open source software, like Spring, Selenium, and many more.
  • Focus on UI regression tests
    We developed our framework mainly for regression tests on web applications. But don’t worry. tapir provides enough extension points to develop components for fat client applications like Java FX or Swing.
  • Focus on readability, transparency and maintainability
    Various concepts in tapir help you to achieve those goals.
  • Technology-neutral formulation of test cases
    The structure of tapir tests projects make sure that your test cases don’t have to worry about the underlying UI technology of your application.
  • Modularity
    tapir itself is splitted into several modules. Every module is a functional unit. There are a lot of modules (extensions) which can be used optionally.
  • Interoperablity
    Because of its modularity tapir can be integrated in your system environment flawlessly. There are a couple of adapters which fulfill APIs of existing frameworks and tools. If no adapter for your framework or your tool is available yet, it’s very easy to write one by yourself.