Externalized Configuration

tapir allows you to externalize your configuration so you can work with the same test code in different environments. You can use properties files and System properties to externalize configuration. Property values can be injected directly into your beans using the @Value annotation.

The scope of available properties is very much dependent on the tapir modules you use. Therefore no complete reference is provided, but the documentation of each modules explains it’s own properties.


Spring’s @PropertySource annotation provides a convenient and declarative mechanism to include properties files. Most likely you annotate your @BootstrapConfiguration annotated class with @PropertySource in order to use one or more properties files.



@PropertySource(value = "classpath:test.properties")
public class TestConfiguration {



System Property

In addition to defining properties via properties files it’s possible to use JAVA VM System properties. System properties have higher precendence as property sources and overwrite values defined in properties files.